Jig Fishing Techniques

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Jigs Fishing with a jig is one of the easier fishing techniques to learn however it is one of the more difficult to truly master and become extremely proficient with it. A jig can be fished 100 different ways and as long as it is in the water there is a good chance that a fish will take interest and bite it. Jigs come in all different sizes with different characteristics designed for specific presentations or situations. The following jigs and associated presentations are some of the most popular … [Read more...]

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques-Doodling

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

In this article we will try look into an overview of a technique used in smallmouth bass fishing. We’ll start off with Doodling. Doodling & Smallmouth Bass Fishing This is a technique that relies on the use of worms as bait on clear or slightly stained waters. If you are fishing in smallmouth bass fishing sites located in Western America using worms, this is the technique to use. The same smallmouth bass fishing technique may also be used in similar waters. The type of rods can … [Read more...]

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques – Types Of Reels

"Smallmouth Bass Fishing"

Smallmouth bass fishing is a challenging sport. There are a number of disputes about which bait to use, which line is best, and which kind of rod to use when smallmouth bass fishing. One of the few areas that they agree on is that reeling them in is the problem, and there few ways to do that. When it comes down to it, the majority of fishermen are going to use flywheel or push-button reels. Both of them require a different kind of handling in order to work properly, especially when it comes to … [Read more...]

Where Can You Find Bass Fish?


The million dollar question is where do you find bass fish? If you have the best in equipment and know some bass fishing techniques, it is not going to do you any good if you do not know where to locate the fish. You have to understand that bass like to hide away near objects in the lake. They rarely swim freely in open expanses, you may find them near the bottom in the pond foliage, near peers, docks, if your fishing in lakes, a bass fishing tip is to look out for any fallen trees, cause there's … [Read more...]

Learn Bass Fishing Techniques & Fish Like A Pro

bass fishing techniques

Learning some bass fishing techniques takes time and plenty of practice.  No one starts fishing bass from scratch and is suddenly able to catch five pounders every time they fish.  It takes time and experience to know what kind of reels to use in different situations, what kind of lures bass like, and where to find the biggest fish.  It  takes time and experience to know how to reel in a stubborn bass the first couple of times.  It takes practice to know when to pull hard on a bass that has … [Read more...]

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